Meet Hannah

Hannah is a white woman with brown hair standing with her pink leopard print walker

In community there is power

As I’ve navigated my way through chronic illness I have had the privilege to have access to some amazing support But I know this isn’t something everyone gets.
But what I realised is that as community we had skilled people that could offer this support and by grouping together make it affordable to so many more people so i launched Sofa Central.

Q&A with Hannah

No, Sofa Central is my second business. I also run Not Your Grandma’s where I sell Disability Lifestyle items including compression socks, disabled and proud necklaces and doctors appointment notebooks.

In time I hope Sofa Central is able to serve many people in the community and create a safe space for people to connect with one another and learn at the same time.

I’m proud to be disabled and claim it as part of my identity. Disability isn’t something to be scared of and so many of us grow up not knowing that because of the way that the media talks about it. By claiming it as my identity I hope to show others that disability is a completely normal part of life.

The best place to find me is on Instagram under @notyourgrandmasuk but I also have a podcast called ‘Am I Disabled Now’ which is available on Apple, Spotify and Google Play.

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