Poppy is a white woman with long brown hair. She's got sunglasses on her head and is looking at the camera
Poppy stands outside with long golden hair. She is white, smiling and wearing a black crop top

Poppy is our wonderful community manager who is always on hand to help you with any member queries that you might have.

You will find her either organising the zoom calls or hanging out in the member’s Facebook group and overseeing the discussion of the monthly topic!

Pronouns: She/Her.

I am a disability communications and accessibility specialist, specialising in fashion and gaming. I love nurturing online disabled communities and creating meaningful content. I have experience with doing so at organisations like Open Style Lab and Adaptive Fashion UK. I also have a degree in Fashion Promotion and Communication. I am excited to bring this love and expertise to Sofa Central!

You can find me on Twitter and Instagram @p0ppyfield 🙂 do say hi!

Email me at poppy@sofacentralhub.com

Heck yes! It took me a decade to have the love I do for my disabilities, but I do still struggle with it some days. We are not monoliths after all.

I have a range of energy limiting, mobility, cognitive, chronic pain and dexterity related illnesses and disabilities. I became ill at 10 years old, then properly housebound at 14. Been riding the wave of learning to thrive, not just survive, since! I’m in my mid twenties for reference.

I use mobility aids like walking sticks, crutches and my wheelchair.

To create a safe, accessible and caring environment for us all, me included. A place for us to feel belonging and understanding.

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