Monthly Speaker

Here you will find all the videos from our wonderful monthly speakers! Each month we invite a new person from the community to come and give us a talk about different issues that effect your quality of life, from shame to nutrition we are going to cover it all!

Migraine Myths with Dr Katy Munro

The amazing Dr Katy Munro from the Migraine Clinic London talks all things migraine and busts all those migraine myths. She covers everything from medications used to control attacks to suppliments and non medication tools that you can use as well.

Disabled Eliza talks all things Ableism

Georgina from City Dieticians goes in-depth about why you need to see a dietician, not a nutritionist if you have digestive problems, busts those common myths on nutrition and helps you work out the best way to support your body even when you can’t stand up to cook.

Nina Tame does Shame

The wonderful @nina_tame talks about her journey with disability and shame, giving tips on everything how to deal with it shame when it crops up and learning to be navigate others disability shame.

Disabled Eliza talks all things Ableism

The wonderful @Disabled_Eliza talks all things ableism. Eliza is known for being very outspoken about the daily ableism they face as a disabled person and this talk does not disappoint.

Hustle Culture Drop Out

Can disability and business really go hand in and hand? And how do you run a business when you can’t get up off the sofa?

Hannah takes you through from start to finish how she changed her business around into working for her, rather than her working for it.

Come One, Come All - Making Your Business More Accessible

Creating accessible businesses is incredibly important but it’s not just all about disabled toilets and ramps (though they are great too!). Language and the way you communicate with your customers is just as important.

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