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Welcome to the membership

We know joining the membership can be a bit overwhelming at first so we’ve put together a little guide to help you get started!

First thing first you need to fill out your profile. The more info we have on you, like your access needs and your pronouns, the better we can help and support you.

Use the link to the Facebook group here.

Make sure you fill out the form with the email you bought your membership with otherwise you won’t be admitted into the group!

Then make a little intro post about yourself, tell us who you are, what your hobbies are and what you are hoping to get from joining the membership.

When you join the group there are a couple of forms for you to sign.These are:

The sign up questionnaire which can be found here.

You will need to fill out a confidentiality form that can be downloaded here

This is so that you can attend group therapy sessions. If you have not completed this form you will not be able to attend.

You will need to send the completed form back to our Community Manager Poppy who’s email is

Finally it’s not essential but incredibly helpful if you fill out this therapy questionnaire which allows us to understand your needs and what you are looking to get from group therapy. The form can be found here.

Once you have filled out your confidentiality agreement you can book into therapy. As numbers are capped at 25 per session you will need to go to the upcoming events calandar which can be found here. And then click on the date of the session you want to attend and follow the check out process.

Don’t worry you won’t be charged for this, it’s just so we can monitor numbers.

Under the membership area heading at the top of the page you will find a drop down menu with different options. From here you can choose to catch up on Zoe’s physio sessions, Emily’s yoga classes and our monthly speaker events.

All videos are fully captioned and transcripts are available.

When you booked into therapy you probably saw that our monthly speaker and other events are on the calandar, you can go back there using this link.

Here you will find all the zoom links for upcoming events and can add them to your personal calandar. If you can’t make a certain event you will find it available on the monthly speakers page once the video has been transcribed.

Need to get in touch with someone? Drop our community manager Poppy a message!

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