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why We Are Ignoring the Thyroid in the Room

Currently, globally, we are massively underdiagnosing thyroid issues because of the ranges and tests that we use. Leaving many with debilitating side effects and little quality of life. But why is this happening?

Why Are We Not Talking About Thyroids?

At the moment we diagnose thyroid conditions by looking at the TSH levels and (very occasionally the Free T4). The problem with this is that the ranges we use to decide what is ‘normal’ or ‘not normal’ exclude a load of people who show symptoms but aren’t allowed access to life changing medications until they fall out of range but it doesn’t have to be this way!

Diagnosing thyroid disorders is like assembling a big puzzle. It is achieved by putting together various information elicited from your medical history, your symptoms, your physical examination and your blood test results but this isn’t how Doctors normally approach thyroid issues and instead they rely heavily on unreliable tests.
In this talk, Dr Conway will cover what the thyroid does, why it’s so important and why we are underdiagnosing thyroid patients.

Who is Dr Conway?

Dr Georgina Conway has devoted her professional career to specialize in thyroid disorders. As a Hashimoto’s sufferer herself, she knows very well the frustration of living with a thyroid condition.


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